National NGO for Education and Social Awareness


Jan Jagriti Sewa Samiti


Jan Jagriti Sewa Samiti (JJSS) is a registered national NGO. JJSS is registered under India Trust Act.

Registration number of JJSS: 500.


To empower children and their families to reach their full potential through advocacy, education and services. The mission of Communities In Schools is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.


A community where children and youth are highly valued and are provided the maximum opportunity to reach their full potential.

Core Values

  • Create opportunities for children to educate and make them responsible citizen to strengthen the nation and society.
  • Make women, needy people self reliant and improve living status and standard.
  • Develop a culture in which members have a sense of belonging and ownership of the organisation.
  • Providing a forum for the full and free expression of views and opinions.
  • Facilitating full participation and collective decision-making.
    Ensuring transparency and social accountability.
  • Adopting clear positions on issues and communicating them without compromise.
    Engaging, supporting and strengthening affiliates and members.
  • Creating and promoting awareness for motivating and mobilising members and affiliates to be proactive and vigilant supporters for children rights.
  • Increasing information on relevant issues by conducting internal research and studies.
  • Identifying challenges facing children and women and taking appropriate actions.
  • We recognize the intersectionality of systems of oppression and the interdependence of all fights for social justice.
  • We believe creativity, integrity and people power drive the success in our campaigns and in our organisation; while compassion and a celebration of life’s possibilities drive the commitment to our mission.
  • Work to improvement and upliftment of the livelihood of people of society.
  • To eradicate poverty and make equal opportunities for people of society to live happy and prosperous life.

President:   Om Shanker Chaturvedi
Contact number: 9557060214